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  1. DjAcapelIa

    Thanks for the advice ill try that tomorrow ill have some oatmeal with flax seed for omega 3 and some fruit for breakfast, not sure for lunch and maybe chicken breast veggies and brown rice for dinner but small portions. again thanks for the help and the reply hope this works for me :)

  2. javilink16

    this one is harder then 8 min abs workout lvl 1

  3. MrGyvastis

    If you’re really interested for fast and effective way to lose weight, then you should really try these methods I found. I was sceptical at first but I was astonished by the results.

  4. phatcarz

    the title is wrong, it says 15 minute abs workout but the video is only 13:49 seconds long

  5. MegaJasperify

    LOL! I saw that too!!! hahaha
    but nobodies perfect.. this video is cool!

  6. Z0mbcc3r

    right when u wake up stretch, warm up for 1min, then SPRINT for 30sec, then jog for 30sec. repeat till u reach 10min. now u can eat breakfast! this will keep your metabolism going all day. also make sure you do NOT eat before u do the run.

  7. Poochi323

    What u can do to loose weight fast. Is to get a big black bag and make a whole for ur arms and head. Then start running in the sun for at least 1-2 miles. My dad, sister dud this and she lost alot of weight in just 2 months. I think it was about 40 something pounds. But people may look at u and think ur on drugs or something. But this actually helps…

  8. eyeofthetiger444

    also with any meal you can have some fruit but i would stay away from fruit juices because things like orange juice will have a lot more sugar than a basic orange. same with apple juice and apples. fruits are a great way to kill a sweet tooth i find. for dinners you should be eating lean meats like say 95% lean 5% fat steak things like that. vegetables, rice, beans. if your cutting fat also cut carbs (pasta, bread, beer) if youre building muscle mass add carbs. also WHEY protein shakes.

  9. eyeofthetiger444

    lunches you could have some simple chicken wings but make them using store bought meat. if you get the kind that you just throw in the microwave or anything like that it probably has artificial flavoring and a lot more fat. wings, breasts whatever. if you have a sandwich you can have WHOLE wheat bread be sure its WHOLE wheat because if it simply says wheat bread its bad. you can have tuna or even like a peanut butter and banana sandwich (too much peanut butter is bad but some is very good)

  10. eyeofthetiger444

    cut out artificially flavored foods, eat lean meats, vegetables, eggs have some fat but they also have protein. if you want to cut out the fat you can eat egg whites but then you lose most of your protein because most of the protein is in the yolk. im not much of an egg fan so you can even replace eggs with some fried potatoes. cook them with coconut oil preferably it looks worse than vegetable oil on the nutrition list but omega 6 is bad (not listed) and omega 3 is good (also not listed).

  11. GerbilTeeth

    actually, this workout doesnt only build muscle in ur stomach (the muscles being ur sic pack). it burns fat, bcuz it is a half-fat burning/half-six pack building exercise. the mtn climbers are ur cardio workout, and thats what u do most in this exercise. and the butterflies are core builders, as are the bicycles. the last exercise (the twisty thing) helps ur sides and obliques. so if u diet well and do this exercise on a good scheduled basis, i guarentee ull b in shape i hope this helped!

  12. DjAcapelIa

    ok i need help and any replys will help. im 6’0 170 lbs so i dont need to lose weight i just need to burn the fat around my stomach i think im currently at 12% body fat. I need to know when the best time for me to do these work outs. should i run a mile before doing these workouts maybe to help speed up the process get the blood flowing? One of my biggest problems is dieting, not knowing the proper food to eat for all meals. if i get the advice i need ill post results on my profile thanks :)

  13. SangCortes1055

    Hi! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Kinovelax Diet Plan (just google it), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried Kinovelax Diet Plan? I’ve heard several great things about it and my mate lost tons of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me :(

  14. TheHazim31

    he’s my home workout trainer :)

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